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  • Sharing a few secrets to living healthier

    This semester I really took my health seriously and started making changes that were going to benefit my overall wellness.  I didn’t start dieting or working out like crazy to get immediate results—I just wanted to be better to my body.  You only have one, so why not treat it right? Living a healthy and […]

  • Relaxing at Lueur Salon & Wellness

    Think of the most relaxing thing you can imagine…do you have it? Maybe it’s trickling water, listening to the rain, or falling asleep in a cozy bed. For me, it’s getting my hair done. I freakin love it. Like I make a day of it. I mean everyone loves getting their hair played with, but […]

  • Purchasing My First Luxury Handbag

    I blame Dillard’s for starting my love for luxury handbags/accessories…it must be from being around them all the time and lusting after what other customers came in with.  To be honest though, its just a little bit more than that for me.  I began learning about each of the brands, the history, how the bags […]

  • Spring Break Essentials

    I really do think the weather is teasing us at this point.  A few weeks ago it was warm enough to go outside in shorts, and the next week it was snowing.  It really is frustrating *eye roll*. However, spring break is SO close and I am SO ready!!  I know everyone else is, because […]

  • Self-Care is the Newest Trend

    ​Okay, guys…I have an important announcement… spring break is in less than a month. 20 days to be exact. I have one word: yikes. I have been on somewhat of a health kick for the past month but let’s be honest…I take way more cheats than I should. Last night I went to Krispy Kreme […]

  • You decide how your day will go, make it count!

    I’ve decided to start a little mini-series on my blog, something consistent each week that you all can kind of count on or even go back through when you need it—I’ve decided to start something called Monday Morning Motivation!  Every Monday morning I’m just going to be reflecting on the week before, and setting my […]

  • Christmas Haul 2018

    First and foremost, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!! I hope you’ve all had a joyful and family-filled month and eaten lots of yummy foods 🙂 I do realize it’s been a little while since my last post and to be honest I’ve just been busy with finals, family, and work! I absolutely love December but […]

  • My Fall/Winter Skincare Routine

    Well…its been a hot minute since I’ve posted on here, but life is starting to mellow out a bit (until finals, ugh) so I’m planning out more posts and making more time for content! Lately, I’ve been really obsessed with Ulta, and I’ll have to say I’ve been going at least once a week and […]