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  • My College Grocery List & Recipes I’m Loving Right Now

    I know for some people, going to the grocery store is a inconvenience and a chore, but I honestly love it! I love going through the produce isles mainly because I think it inspires me to eat healthier…which sometimes only happens to be a quick thought.  I’ll have to say, it’s pretty hard to find […]

  • My Favorite Summer Trends

    Hey guys!! I’ve been trying to write & post more frequently this summer and get into the routine of posting every 1-2 weeks so that when school starts back up I won’t get off track again.  I’m also trying to start posting more OOTD/OOTW because thats what I originally wanted this blog to be about, so… […]

  • Rosemary Beach Getaway

    Okay, can I just say something first? I absolutely HATE unpacking.  Packing is fine—I love getting all of my stuff together and planning/picking out my outfits.  But unpacking….no.  I will leave a full suitcase on my floor for weeks before getting everything out.  Anyways…on that note, let’s get right to it! A few years back […]

  • Why I Went Greek (and Why You Should Too)

    All throughout high school, I had pictured myself joining a sorority the moment I entered college.  The weeks leading up to the beginning of my freshman year at UK, I got nervous for rush week, thinking I wouldn’t make any friends and that I wasn’t the right girl to be in a sorority—that I wouldn’t […]

  • Spring-Breaking in The Windy City

    The long-awaited spring break FINALLY arrived, and it was definitely much needed (especially since UK has decided to take away our fall break).  While most of my friends were living it up in Destin or Fort Lauderdale, I decided to head North for a city escape in my all-time favorite city, Chicago!! This was actually […]

  • 10 Resolutions For A Refreshing New Year

    Twenty-seventeen is so last year, it’s 2018 baby! Of course, with the New Year comes many, many of the same old temporary resolutions, such as lose weight, save money, get organized, etc., that give us a spark of hope for change…which will only be practiced for a week  (or if you’re like me, until you pass Taco […]

  • Trying the Sephora Collection Skincare Line

    On a recent trip to Sephora, I was browsing through the aisles looking at Kat Von D eyeliner and Anastasia lipsticks, when I wandered into the skincare section. I normally go to popular, well-reviewed brands like Peter Thomas Roth or Boscia, just out of habit and comfort, although I couldn’t help but notice all the […]