Trying the Sephora Collection Skincare Line

On a recent trip to Sephora, I was browsing through the aisles looking at Kat Von D eyeliner and Anastasia lipsticks, when I wandered into the skincare section. I normally go to popular, well-reviewed brands like Peter Thomas Roth or Boscia, just out of habit and comfort, although I couldn’t help but notice all the eye-catching colors and packaging of the Sephora Collection skincare products. I’ve never tried any of them, but I can’t say no to a few new products to try out at girls night, especially when they’re so affordable!
They make lip balm, exfoliating wipes, at least 10 different types of masks: including sheet masks, sleeping masks, eye, lip, hand, foot, and so much more! Of course, I can’t try all of these out at the same time, but I did decide to purchase the Lotus Eye Mask, Rose Sleeping Mask, Pearl Sleeping Mask, Avocado Sleeping Mask, and Charcoal Nose Strip. I’ll have to admit, I’m partial to the liquid and gel masks just because I feel like they’re doing more for my skin, so most of what I got was just that. Now of course, with every cosmetic, these will have different reactions to different skin types, but for a comparison, I have combination skin, which means it can basically be oily and dry and the same time. Unfortunately, this also leads to acne-prone skin, which means I have to be very careful what ingredients and products I put on my face, otherwise I might break out and bring my skin to become even more irritated.

Rose Sleeping Mask

This is the first time I’ve heard of an overnight mask, one that you rub on, still liquid/gel-like, and honestly I really liked the outcome but it felt a little weird laying on at night. This one specifically was made for dry skin, and said it was supposed to moisturize and brighten my skin (since my skin just became extremely dry all over, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it out).  After I washed and exfoliated, I put a thick layer all over face and the top of my neck, slipped into an old sweatshirt I didn’t mind getting a little dirty, and laid in bed for a while browsing through Pinterest (keep up with my Pinterest page here).  It might be a given but this felt a little uncomfortable at first because the mask was rubbing off onto my pillow and I didn’t really like the feeling of my pillow being wet. Moving past that, I went to sleep with no problem and woke up—the mask was almost completely dried and my face looked a bit oily, but there was a note on the packaging that directed to just wipe the excess off in the morning, in which I did (I opted out of taking pictures of the mask on my face because it was clear and I felt like I might be doing it an injustice to show my irritated skin with it) When I put the mask on the night before, my face became a little bit red and it stung a little but that is normal when I use facial masks—when I woke up the next morning, my face looked almost clear, was hydrated, brighter, and felt better overall. I am definitely going to be using this again, especially when my skin decides to dry up or when I need a pick me up!  Click here to purchase one for yourself.

Pearl Sleeping Mask 

I wasn’t sure if the results of this might be different because I had used the Rose Sleeping Mask the night before, but I decided to try it anyway because although the previous one had helped, I thought it could still be a bit better. I went through the same routine with this one, applied a thick layer onto clean skin and kept it on overnight, but I did think this one either didn’t stay on as well or it didn’t work for my skin. This specific combination was supposed to “perfect and brighten” and when I woke up it looked like the only difference from the night before was that my skin had become really oily. The goal of this mask may not have been what I specifically needed, but I think that for someone who was trying to achieve the effects of this it might have worked better.

Charcoal Nose Pore Strip

There has been a lot of commotion about charcoal products helping clean out your pores, from the peel-off masks to pore strips and just beyond weird mixtures, but I have yet to find one that successfully gets out all the dirt and buildup in my pores. For this product, it was just a textured piece of paper that I assume was activated and stuck on with water, and was left 15 minutes to do its magic. I followed the instructions and sat down with it on for a little while and when I came to peel it off, I didn’t think it helped nearly anything. Giving credit where it’s due, it might have done more than meets the eye—but after trying more than my fair share of charcoal products, I wouldn’t say this is one of my top favorites.  Try one for yourself here.

Avocado Sleeping Mask

This mask is supposed to be “nourishing and repairing”, so I decided to wait until my skin got irritated again to see if it actually did what it promised.  To be honest, I think it was worth the money because it was only $4.00, and I could see a little bit of a difference, but I wouldn’t depend on it to clear my face up.  This one had a thicker consistency than the first two I tried and I would say that’s because it has a different formula in it, but I think it stayed on all night and definitely moisturized my face, even if it didn’t completely repair all of the things I think it could’ve, it was worth the money I paid for it!

Lotus Eye Mask

I’ve never tried an eye mask, primarily because I associate any problems with under-eye patches as having to do with aging and don’t regard it, although the other day after I had applied a fresh face of makeup, I noticed that I had dark spots under my eyes.  The Lotus Eye Mask (get it here) was made to be “nourishing and refreshing” so I decided to give it a try; I used it right after I washed and exfoliated my face, and I can confidently say that it is worth its price and then some. I put them on for fifteen minutes and let the gel soak in, and after taking them off and massaging the extra in, my skin felt lifted and super soft! I really liked this and I think after using it a couple times a week I can clear up any problems I was having with the skin around my eyes!


Overall, I think the Sephora Collection is pretty great because they’re not high-end, expensive products that you have to use sparingly; you can run to the nearest store whenever you want or buy it online in bulk without having to blow a lot of money.  They aren’t anything life-changing, but they are good for whenever you want a quick refresher for your face and I could say that they all help my skin in a small way, which is good if you want to try something new but aren’t sure if it is compatible with your skin.  None of these masks irritated my skin or gave me any bad reactions, and although I’m not allergic to many ingredients used in skincare, I have combination skin so I do get dry AND oily skin easily, and none of them agitated this problem.  All of these were helpful to at least some extent, and in combination with how affordable they were, I would definitely purchase them again!


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