Why I Went Greek (and Why You Should Too)

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All throughout high school, I had pictured myself joining a sorority the moment I entered college.  The weeks leading up to the beginning of my freshman year at UK, I got nervous for rush week, thinking I wouldn’t make any friends and that I wasn’t the right girl to be in a sorority—that I wouldn’t fit in anywhere.  I made the decision not to rush and let me tell you, I regretted that choice the entire semester.  I didn’t join any organizations on campus and I felt very isolated from student life, along with the fact that almost all of my friends were in sororities and looked like they were having the time of their lives.  I heard about COB (continuous open bidding) for the spring semester, and it was already decided—I was going to rush.

Quite a lot of my friends were already in Phi Mu and I had heard about a few events they were having, so I thought this was an easier and more comfortable way to get introduced to the girls! We went to the first open house event, which was Trivia & Queso (obviously I belonged here) and got to talk to some of the girls, and was offered a bid that night! I eagerly accepted and a few days after that, got to attend Bid Day! Ever since deciding to join Phi Mu—and greek life in general—I haven’t regretted a single thing.  I’ve been exposed to so many opportunities and resources, along with meeting some of the funkiest, good-hearted, and genuinely coolest girls I’ve ever met, and it has blessed me with some of my best friends.  Everyone has a different experience with getting involved in greek life, but here are a few reasons I think you should give it a go!!

1. You get so many opportunities to support different philanthropies and your own community.

Each sorority has it’s own philanthropy they are associated with (Phi Mu’s is Children’s Miracle Network) and usually have some kind of event they hold to raise money for them! Along with this, I’m almost certain each sorority has a certain number of service hours you are required to meet, which means you will be obligated to helping out in the community and this is also a great way to connect with your college town and meet new people!  Philanthropy events bring everyone closer together to help support a greater cause, and honestly are a lot of fun! Here are some pictures from Cheesin’ for the Children, which we held at the end of April!


2. Accountability

Each different organization within greek life has a certain GPA you have to meet to initially join and stay, which is pretty good motivation when finals are coming up, but also keeps you accountable for your grades throughout the semester.  There are so many resources within each sorority—academically and otherwise: shared notes, organized study nights (along with snacks :)), advice on classes and professors, and job/career opportunities!  We all hold each other accountable for grades, character, and our social lives—and it’s such a comforting feeling to know you have a support system of 200 girls to help you with anything and everything.

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3. Get Involved!

Greek life is one of the biggest organizations on any campus, and despite some thinking it’s more exclusive, it actually opens you up to so many more opportunities and meeting new people through connections and friends you make along the way.  Going to try out new places and groups around campus with your sisters is a great way to comfortably explore what you have around you and bond with the other girls in your sorority. There are SO many people you will meet and get to know throughout your time in a sorority and this can lead you down so many different paths in life you never thought you would get to go on.

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I don’t know how I got through my first semester without being with the group of girls I have now, but I know for sure I made the right decision when I joined Phi Mu.  I have a sense of belonging on campus, have made so many new friends I wouldn’t have met before, and have matured so quickly just by being around such an outstanding group of girls.  But I’m rambling now, so my final piece of advice is: try new things, and go out of your comfort zone.  That’s what college is about—pushing yourself farther than you thought you could go, and thriving from it.  With all of this in mind I just have one final thing to say…GO PHI MU!!

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