Self-Care is the Newest Trend

​Okay, guys…I have an important announcement…

spring break is in less than a month. 20 days to be exact.

I have one word: yikes. I have been on somewhat of a health kick for the past month but let’s be honest…I take way more cheats than I should. Last night I went to Krispy Kreme and got a dozen donuts (oops).

I was thinking about my plan for this week, what meals I’m going to make, when I’m going to the gym and what I should be doing, and how much water I should be drinking. To be honest, I got a little stressed out. Everyone makes a big fuss about getting a spring break body, but no one really says you should be working toward a healthy and comfortable body. We shouldn’t be constantly be restricting ourselves to some military diet or running as fast and as long as you can on the treadmill so you sweat off those few extra calories, just to show up someone else or say you can look better than them.

Sometimes this is only personal motivation, and I get that. I use it as motivation too, and honestly, it gets my butt in the gym more knowing I have a deadline, but I want to know I’m doing it for the right reasons. I am by no means a nutrition/diet/fitness expert, but I know it’s not very healthy to try to lose 10 pounds in two weeks, and I’m very guilty of trying to achieve that. So today’s challenge (and this week) is to love yourself.

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Self-care is such a big concept in our society today and I think it’s amazing that our generation is finally starting to idolize and applaud something that is actually beneficial and good for us. Self-care can be anything that is done for you with the intent on bettering yourself or creating your own happiness. I love taking baths and watching Netflix (oohh big surprise), so when I know I’m just having a rough week and I’ve been down lately, I’m going to treat myself to that. It may be different for you—maybe you like to be outdoors, play with your dog, go shopping, or even just sleep in, but do that thing. You deserve it. Create your own happiness.

What does that have to do with my spill about spring break? Working out and dieting and all that fuss should be about YOU. It shouldn’t be to get the approval of your friends and others when you’re laying on the beach or all dressed up. No one else’s approval will do you any good if you don’t already love yourself, and when you do—you won’t need any other opinions. Enjoy the time off you have, and make yourself happy. Don’t put your worth in someone else’s vision of you. Go on spring break (and your day-to-day life) knowing you’re healthy and happy and living your life in the absolute best way possible.

Thanks for reading again this week guys!! If you didn’t see my first Monday Motivation post you can read it here. Go out and have a great week!

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