Purchasing My First Luxury Handbag

I blame Dillard’s for starting my love for luxury handbags/accessories…it must be from being around them all the time and lusting after what other customers came in with.  To be honest though, its just a little bit more than that for me.  I began learning about each of the brands, the history, how the bags are made, used, etc., and I began to fall in love with all of these bags I never thought I would actually have.

Any of my friends, family, and coworkers have listened to me at some point ramble about someone’s handbag walking by or how much I’ve been loving a bag recently (props to the boyfriend & my mom for listening to me talk about them for hours).  It’s very obvious I’m obsessed.  Since working around these bags, I started asking my parents for one, not realizing just how much these were.  I saw other girls walking around on campus or shopping with them…how were they able to get them so young, and why didn’t I have one?


Don’t get me wrong, my parents do buy me nice things and I greatly appreciate that, but they also want me to work hard for things I want and gain lessons from doing so.  I watch so many Youtubers and see how many nice bags they have, and hearing that some of those girls bought them by themselves was incredible to me.  I wanted to have the feeling of making that first purchase on my own, to say that I finally did it, and I achieved what I wanted.  I worked hard and really saved my money (which is very hard for me because I am the worst kind of impulse buyer) for months, and finally, I was able to purchase it.

I’m gonna be completely honest, I was sweating so much walking into Louis Vuitton.  Like seriously… I was really nervous.  Maybe because it was a lot of money…or the fact that I had been waiting to do this for two years.  It really was an amazing experience though.  My family and boyfriend were so so happy for me because they knew how much I had wanted this to happen and were so supportive.  It was something I’ll never forget—not only because I was able to get the bag of my dreams, but because it showed me that I was able to achieve something I had originally thought I couldn’t do.  I was able to save and discipline myself and the outcome was so sweet.  Disclaimer: this might also have been a bad thing because now I think I can save up and go blow money on bags all the time…definitely not the case.

Regardless, this whole experience was very influential to motivating myself and finding out what I am capable of if I put my head down and work for it.  The whole life lesson I’m trying to convey here is that if you really want something bad enough and you are willing to put in the effort and drive to achieve that, then you’ll succeed.

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