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Think of the most relaxing thing you can imagine…do you have it? Maybe it’s trickling water, listening to the rain, or falling asleep in a cozy bed. For me, it’s getting my hair done. I freakin love it. Like I make a day of it. I mean everyone loves getting their hair played with, but on top of that, you’re getting a brand new look!
I am pretty picky about my hair though, I don’t like to use any products that are going to damage it or add chemicals that could make it dull and dry. For me, Aveda products have always been a go-to for treating my hair right; after every wash, it comes out looking so shiny and hydrated and smooth. If you’re unfamiliar with this brand, you can check it out here.

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Lueur Salon and Wellness is a new Aveda hair salon with very experienced stylists in Richmond, KY, that fully encompasses exactly what you want when you get your hair done! Guys, it really is amazing. They have a range of services from cut and color to eyelash extensions and include all the Aveda products within your desired service. This is one of my favorite parts too: all of their product waste is recyclable. In today’s times, it is so important and really does makes an impact when you recycle, and the fact that this company is sticking true to that mission is awesome.
I normally get my hair colored every 2-4 months just depending on how it’s looking, but I like to switch back and forth quite frequently from dark to light (p.s. I don’t recoomend this because its is really bad for your hair). Since it had been a while, I decided to get my roots lightened and go for a honey blonde—let me tell you, Mckenzie Robbins did exactly that. I literally felt like a blonde Beyonce when she was finished. You know that feeling when you can’t stop looking at yourself in the mirror? Yep, that was me. I have the before and after picture so you can see how healthy and new (and clean, lol) it looks now.

Getting my hair washed was probably my favorite part. You get to relax in a very calming room with meditating sounds playing quitely in the background. They lay a heating pad on your stomach and legs and another one over your eyes, both infused with essential oils for serious rejuvenation. I kid you not, I drifted off one or two times. Also included with every wash is a complimentary hand/arm massage with lotion and it is amazing. You’re completely pampered the entire time you’re there, which makes you feel like a self-care queen.

The specific products Mckenzie included in my blow-dry session that made my hair ~shine~ after the wash were:

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It really was a relaxing and refreshing experience that was much needed after being so busy with school and work last week, and I was so ready to go back and show off my new hair afterward.

Y’all! I have one last awesome thing…
The first five people that book an appointment with Mckenzie and give my code TBxLueur10 get 10% off of their service!!

For questions or to book an appointment:

Mckenzie Robbins

(859) 314-6906

Lueur Salon & Wellness

(859) 267-2555

100 Bayview Drive Suite 2

Richmond, Kentucky

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