Sharing a few secrets to living healthier

This semester I really took my health seriously and started making changes that were going to benefit my overall wellness.  I didn’t start dieting or working out like crazy to get immediate results—I just wanted to be better to my body.  You only have one, so why not treat it right? Living a healthy and clean lifestyle improves so many aspects of your being such as your mood, skin, confidence, and energy.  So many young (and old) people today get caught up comparing themselves to others and hating the body they live in, which makes for a really unhappy life.  You only have one body in this lifetime and as cliche as it is to say,  it really is a sanctuary.  Don’t treat it so terrible, love yourself!!

It does get hard to stay motivated sometimes, but there are a few things I can always count on to get my head focused again.  Personally, I really enjoy watching some of my favorite YouTubers that inspire me to live healthier.  Currently, my favorite is Valeria Lipovetsky—she’s a nutritionist living in Canada and is honestly living the dream.  I also like to use Pinterest to find quotes, pictures, or anything else that I find that really makes me want to just dive into taking care of my wellness.  Pinterest is also where I find a majority of the recipes I use when I’m eating healthy! It’s so easy to type in whatever you’re feeling and find exactly what you didn’t know you needed.  Besides, eating healthy is so much easier when you look forward to your meals, right?

For all you ~lovely~ people, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite go-to recipes that I usually end up making at least once a week…if not more 🙂

  • This is one that I got a lot of requests for, and rightfully so! Everyone who has tried them has told me how good they are and that they’re surprised how healthy they are.

  • This recipe is more for dinner at home but it’s so easy to whip up and always fills me up on the good stuff!

  •   This strawberry vinaigrette dressing is a perfect topping for a salad that’s so easy: just spinach, strawberries, and walnuts (or almonds), and whatever else you want to add in!

P.s. adding mandarin oranges is sooo good during the summer!

  • I swear by these—I made vegetables and my boyfriend actually asked for more…crazy right?  These are a perfect side for chicken or steak dish!

  • Also a boyfriend favorite, these are so yummy in the summertime and pair perfectly with a side salad!

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